Becoming a Branch Manager

Becoming a Branch Manager

Do you want to work for a large company that may appear more secure, but give up lending options?

Many of the larger companies while having all the standard lending options, often sacrifice the “niche products” to make things less complicated for themselves, but less profitable for you.

You often lose the personal touch of a smaller more family oriented type company. You become a number with limited access to the decision makers, and often feel insignificant in the scheme of things.

There is finally a branching company that gets it! In fact, there are three M's which may be holding you back from becoming a branch manager of your own or a "Super Originator!" How would you feel if you finally found everything you are looking for in a branch affiliate? First Alliance Home Mortgage is looking for a limited number of Branch Managers and/or Originators for our Emerging Branch Manager division (EBM). We can help you get to the next level!

We are currently licensed in the following states; NJ, NY, CT, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, OH, AZ, CA and FL.

Contact us today by filling out the contact us form on the right or call us right now for a confidential conversation at 732.694.3700 and speak with either Sam or Bill. We are here to chat with you anytime.

Contact us now, and we will send you the "The 3M's that are holding back from becoming a Branch Manager" FREE!

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