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Dear Sam,

Nice meeting you via email. My Name is Sridhar, and I would like take a minute to appreciate your team's work ethic and follow throughs that made it look effortless on my side. Particularity I would like to shout out "Jasoda Indar." Jasoda is very patient, courteous, very knowledgeable and she follows through to make sure things get completed correctly. I started the process with Pete, but unfortunately, Pete left your bank in between the process which made me very nervous and worried. Please understand this loan is for our dream single family home and apparently didn't want any speed bumps or anything to jeopardize the process (now you know why I was so concerned). So this is really important for me, and fortunately, I was reached out by this wonderful person Jasoda, and she took over and made it very seamless for me. As soon as I was in touch with her, I felt very comfortable. She handled the situation very well. I bet you understand how hard it is for some one to pick up stuff in the middle and make it easy for the customer. Just to give an example, even when she went on a vacation break she had another person called me to follow up on the items that were due. That truly is professionalism, On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Jasoda for her professional expertise and to understand the customer needs and getting things done... I would also thank all the members of your team. Once again please thank her and the team on our behalf and please recognize her for her work ethics and professionalism.

Best regards,

I just want to thank Mr. Joe Amelio for making my first time home buyer dream come true. Joe was such a kind, supportive, professional loan officer. Joe made me feel comfortable, he almost feels like family to me and that I'd pretty incredible for me to feel like that even without ever meeting him in person. Joe deserves a raise after sticking in there with me when I lost hope and got discouraged due to the challenges I faced during closing on my home. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Joe, none of this would have been possible without you and GOD helping me to get this amazing home ❤️!

-Ms. Williams

Dear First Alliance Home Mortgage,

Thank You for your expertise and professionalism in securing another mortgage though First Alliance for my family. Mortgages can be stressful, but with a team such as Bill Fort, Jasoda lndar and Frank Crespo, it was an experience that was proven seamless and timely. I can only praise the work from this team through experience and drive, to ensure a service standard not found everyday. Preparedness from the buyer makes this team thrive, they expel nothing less than confidence in putting the needs of the customer first. I was kept up to date, multiple times a day of the status of my loan, as well as their relationship maintained with my attorney and broker for all details that were out of my control. Again, I cannot stress the positive experience we had during this process, Jasoda lndar showed extreme patience with all my questions and always had not only an answer, but the correct answer. This team has the talent any company would be proud to call family.

Thank you,

The LuCante Family

Dear Mr. Cardona,

I would like to want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Mayarani Smith (Loan Officer) in your Woodbridge, NJ branch. Her calm and patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. I am a first time home buyer. She was courteous and friendly; I could always reach her by phone or email. Such professionalism, knowledge and kindness are rare indeed. Ms. Mayarani is an asset to your organization. Also, I appreciate Rosana Morato and Kerlly Aviles.

I will recommend your bank to all my friends and colleagues.


Truly yours,

New Homeowner Alena Belausava.

Dear Mr. Blood and Mr. Kahil,

I wanted to write to tell you about the absolutely wonderful experience we had working with Stacey Woodin to refinance our mortgage and open a HELOC. From minute one, Stacey was unbelievably warm and helpful, making herself available to us whenever we had a question or a concern. She responded to every communication incredibly promptly and explained the process of obtaining our loans with detail, clarity and wise advice. When our loan got complicated, she never gave up, promising us that she would get us to the closing table - a promise which she of course fulfilled. My husband and I truly feel that Stacey was a gift in our lives. She made a very stressful process feel much more manageable and understandable. We are forever grateful for her assistance, and we will be recommending her to every single one of our friends and acquaintances!

With gratitude,

Laura Shaw Frank

To the Management of First Allaince Home Mortgage Co.:

We are very thankful for what your office did for us, especially Pete Saverino - you really made it happen. We had no hope when we started, but I remember you telling us "it's possible," that your company can "make it happen" and today, here we are, now new home owners!

Thanks to everyone that played a role in this.  Josada you came in at the later part, but you also did an amazing job. Most of our thanks goes to Pete once again as this guy is wonderful. You really give out hope. The manner in which you talked to us was amazing and your encouragement kept us going. Pete, God bless you. I will say, you are good at what you do, so keep it up. 

We are Thankful,


Nana and Leticia Agyemang-Boateng

Hello Jeff and Teri,

I wanted to compliment both you and Teri for your excellent work on the Rana file.  Well done!  I thought it an interesting side light.  I received this file on 9/14/15.  Exactly 28 working days later, we are closing a loan that the Multi-Billion Dollar Chase Home Mortgage wouldn’t do… with all the same hurdles we had to overcome to do so. It wouldn’t have worked if ALL the team members on this file weren’t completely on top of their game including the two of you.  Again, Very Well Done! 

Thanks, Mike

Gd morning Bill. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help. I closed on Friday ! I'm so happy and excited and just wanted to say thank you! Have a great day !

Patricia A. Shell

Hey Bill. Just wanted to let you know, we sold the house back in April. I wanted to say thank you for all your help. We could not have done it without your help getting the title info as fast as you did. That was a big hang up, but you came thru. I appreciate that. Anyway, again I really just wanted to say thanks for the help. When were ready for a new house we will give you a Hola! Peace Billy Bill.

Pat Racine

Good evening and first I'd like to say how happy we are to have worked with you for this little venture into homeownership. It's been a wild ride to get to where we are today (homeowners) but we did it. We personally thank you for being there for us and helping us out with everything from the start to the end of this journey.. Jasoda (You Are The Man.... lol the Woman) we need more people like you in this world to help it run smoother. Ps (this is for your boss) MAKE SURE JASODA GETS A NICE CHRISTMAS BONUS AND A RAISE FOR ALL OF HER HARD WORK AND DEDICATION TO HER CLIENTS....... AGAIN THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. FROM: Your Pain In The Butt


Mr Khalil, I hope all is well with you. My name is Kurt Phelps and I closed on a home about 1 month ago that First Alliance help me obtain and I just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few things with you. Although this was not my first time purchasing a home, I must tell you it was certainly much more cumbersome and harder than I remembered in the past. Being that I run a NYC Commercial Banking team that is responsible for leverage re-capitalization of businesses and having over 20 years of experience in Middle Market Banking I was accustom to dealing with very large transaction and getting them approved and funded very quickly. I was truly was having a hard time figuring out why this process for acquiring a home mortgage was taking so long and quite frankly several time throughout the process considering giving up and not purchasing the home at all just out of pure frustration. However, if it were not for your team of superb employees I would not have made it through this process.

Pete: I first spoke with Pete about a year or so ago and throughout that year Pete when my wife and I were considering purchasing a home. As it was timing was not right that year and we never moved forward. Fast forwarded in o this year my wife and I once again decide to move forward and I contacted Pete. What impressed me the most about Pete was the fact that he stilled remembered who I was and despite not moving forwards the prior on a mortgage he treated with such professionalism, respect and honesty. Several times throughout this process I was I wanted to give up and Pete asked me to believe in him trust him and I am glad that we did. When I needed him to step up his game and get things moving he made sure that he did and my family and I thank him very much. He is a professional, a very good mortgage broker and more importantly gentlemen. Truly a pleasure to work with. .

Jasoda: From the first time I spoke with Josoda I was about to give up completely on the idea of getting a mortgage. That week I had gone through a lot of personal defeats and Josoda kept on telling me that everything would be ok including getting approved for this mortgage. Keep in mind I have never met this woman before but she took it upon herself to basically talk me of the edge and get me refocused on getting this mortgage. Josoda worked hard for several days keeping me in the loop working of getting my mortgage done and always taking my calls even when I called six or seven times a day. She was simply wonderful. I mean the very best!!! As for the rest of your employees that helped me to get this mortgage, they were absolutely wonderful as well. I just wanted to applaud you on hiring such professional, educated and warm hearted individuals. You have an amazing team of employees and you should be very proud of all of them especially Pete and Jasoda. Again, thank you for helping me to get my mortgage and for the wonderful staff you have.

Best Regards,

Kurt M. Phelps

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